Honoring P-chemists Prof. E. Niecke and Prof. K.Lammertsma


Special Issue in hoinor of the birthday boys Koop Lammertsma and Edgar Niecke with contributions from the Ott group and the Orthaber group is out. 

Europen Journal of Inorganic Chemistry: Special Issue Phosphorus Chemistry (link)

This Issues shocases the large diversity of phosphosphorus chemsitry in the European P-community and beyond that, with an editorial giving a bit of a historic perspective (link). The Ott group contributing with an article on the complex equillibria of phosphaalkenes (link), the Orthaber group elucidting the chemistry of arsoles (link).
We are very happy to have contributed to this special issue with some many colleagues honoring the 70th and 80th brthday of Koop Lammertsma and Edgar Niecke.

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