Sascha Ott is Full Professor


On the 18th of November 2016 Sascha Ott was awarded the Full Professor title. This followed the installation lecture given in Museum Gustavianum on the 16th of November.

Abstract of the installation lecture:

The division of synthetic chemistry into one organic branch and one inorganic branch originated in the 19th century, and came about because the substances produced from living organisms were believed to contain a life force that distinguished them from the inorganic compounds. New chemistry has since emerged and this division is no longer adequate today. Of particular importance in synthesis and catalysis was the development of organometallic chemistry, in which carbon-based compounds are combined with main-group elements and transition metals. My research lies on the border between organic and inorganic chemistry, where we concentrate on molecular systems, i.e. compounds that consist of relatively few atoms in a well-defined bond. The focus is on two main areas in which we transfer concepts and structures from inorganic chemistry to organic chemistry. The first concerns developing new compounds that contain rare carbon-phosphorus double bonds, or phosphorus atoms in aromatic systems. What is interesting about these types of phosphorus-containing compounds is that their electronic properties are very special and make the compounds useful in, for example, catalysis and molecular electronics. The other research domain is photocatalysis, which has a long-term goal of converting solar energy and water into a storable energy carrier, like hydrogen. We use our expertise in both organic and inorganic chemistry to develop new strategies in artificial photosynthesis, primarily by producing sophisticated catalysts that make chemical reactions require less energy.

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