Flavonoid analytics by NMR and HPLC


Our collaborative paper with Martina Blunder is accepted in Food Chemistry.
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Efficient identification of flavones, flavanones and their glycosides in routine analysis via off-line combination of sensitive NMR and HPLC experiments
Martina Blunder,*  Andreas Orthaber,  Rudolf Bauer,  Franz Bucar,  Olaf Kunert*
link to paper: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.foodchem.2016.09.077

• Fast Identification of Flavonoids via sensitive NMR and HPLC-MS method
• Searchable, editable and adjustable database of reference data
• Full set of reference data of 46 known flavones (incl. flavonols), flavanones & their glycosides
We present a standardized, straightforward and efficient approach applicable in routine analysis of flavonoids combining sensitive NMR and HPLC experiments. The determination of the relative configuration of sugar moieties usually requires the acquisition of 13C-NMR shift values. We use a combination of HPLC and sensitive NMR experiments (1D-proton, 2D-HSQC) for the unique identification of known flavones, flavanones, flavonols and their glycosides. Owing to their broad range of polarity, we developed HPLC and UHPLC methods (H2O/MeOH/MeCN/HCOOH) which we applied and validated by analyzing 46 common flavones and flavanones and exemplified for four plant extracts. A searchable data base is provided with full data comprising complete proton and carbon resonance assignments, expansions of HSQC-spectra, HPLC parameters (retention time, relative retention factor), UV/Vis and mass spectral data of all compounds, which enables a rapid identification and routine analysis of flavones and flavanones from plant extracts and other products in nutrition and food chemistry.

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