Seminar Ergang Wang (9.06.2016)


Seminar by Ergang Wang
House 7, Floor 1 at 10:15

Conjugated Materials for Organic Electronics

The Polymer Chemistry and Electronics group leading by Dr. Ergang Wang at Chalmers is mainly working on synthesis of conjugated polymers and Graphene-like materials. The applications of the materials include bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells (OSCs),1-2 organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) in near IR region and field effect transistors (FETs). As driven by the need of green energy, the interest in OSCs is rapidly growing due to their advantages of light weight, low cost and flexibility. The widely investigated OSCs are based on bulk heterojunction concept with a polymer as donor and a fullerene derivative (PCBM) as acceptor. In our recent work, we developed a polymer acceptor instead of PCBM and achieved efficiency of 7.6% in the resulting solar cells, which highlighted the promise of polymer:polymer solar cells.

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