DOCENT LECTURE: Nov. 24 at 16:15 hrs by Ana Morandeira


"Circumventing the Shockley-Queisser Limit to Make More Efficient Solar Cells."
A docentureship lecture by Ana Morandeira.

Date: November 24, 2015, at 16:15 hrs
Location: Room 4004, Ångström Laboratory (Lägerhyddsvägen 1) 

The Department of Chemistry – Ångström Laboratory hereby invites all interested to a teacher habilitation lecture (docent lecture) in the subject Chemistry with specialization in Chemical Physics. 

Speaker: Dr. Ana Morandeira
Chairman: Prof. Leif Hammarström 
Docent Board Representative: Prof. Gunnar Johansson

The lecture will be given in English and is aimed at a broad academic audience, primarily undergraduate students. 

Summary: What is the maximum efficiency a solar cell can achieve? Is it possible to overcome this limit?
This lecture explains the basis for the solar conversion efficiency limit of single threshold solar cells and presents the main strategies to overcome this limit. Examples of how these strategies are incorporated in current photovoltaic research, and particularly molecular photovoltaics, are given.

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