Biophysical and Bioinorganic Chemistry

Welcome to the Biophysical and Bioinorganic Chemistry group page! Our basic, frontline research in natural photosynthesis and hydrogenases has served as inspiration and guideline for research in artificial photosynthesis since many years.

In our biological projects, we investigate the function of components in natural photosynthesis, hydrogenases and other enzymes with biochemical, molecular biology and biophysical techniques to derive a molecular understanding on how the enzymes work. Examples for biophysical techniques include membrane-inlet mass spectrometry, EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance), electrochemistry, X-ray spectroscopy, fluorescence, thermoluminescence, femtosecond serial X-ray crystallography, and neutron diffraction. In biomimetic projects we synthesize both molecular and heterogeneous catalysts, mostly from earth-abundant materials. For more details about our research, please explore the links to our research groups below.

"Chemistry with specialisation in Molecular Biomimetics" is a PhD subject at Uppsala University.

Research Groups within Biophysical and Bioinorganic Chemistry

Gustav Berggren group

An interdisciplinary approach to bioinorganic chemistry, combining synthetic chemistry as well as classical biochemical and biophysical techniques, and covers a broad range of topics related to metalloproteins and their cofactors.

Mun Hon Cheah group 

(No group page at present.)

Felix Ho group 

(No group page at present.) 

Marcus Lundberg group

Modeling of X-ray spectra and reaction mechanisms for enzymes and biomimetic catalysts.

Ann Magnuson group

Electron transfer proteins in heterocystous cyanobacteria, with focus on photosynthetic membrane proteins and hydrogenases.

Fikret Mamedov group

We are focused in studying photosynthetic light reactions, in particular the water oxidation and proton coupled electron transfer in photosystem II

Johannes Messinger group

The research in Messingers group concentrates on the mechanism of water-oxidation in photosynthesis and artificial systems. (No group page at present.)

Alina Sekretareva group

We focus on understanding the processes of electron transfer at the single catalyst level to address fundamental question of relevance to electrocatalysis.

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