A slide show of different structures in leaves.

Molecular Biomimetics

Molecular Biomimetics

In Molecular Biomimetics, we study important biological reactions down to the molecular level in order to adapt or mimic their principles for developing processes for the sustainable production of solar fuels and chemicals.

Due to the breadth of topics and techniques, our program encompasses two units: Biophysical and Bioinorganic Chemistry (BBC) and Microbial Chemistry (MC), with their respective Chemistry PhD study subjects with specialization in Molecular Biomimetics or Microbial Chemistry.

Biomimetics, also known as Biomimicry, is a growing field that employs Natures time-tested materials, structures, processes and organization principles for furthering the development of sustainable societies. Interesting TED talks include those of Jenine Benyus and Michael Pawlyn. In addition, asknature.org provides a repository with examples of fascinating natural processes and resulting technical applications.

Research Groups 

Biophysical and Bioinorganic Chemistry

Microbial Chemistry

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