Nanomaterials from solution

The sol-gel lab hosts the research group Gunnar Westin

All projects involve the use of solution based techniques for preparation of various advanced ceramic materials, such as opto-, magneto- and electro-ceramics, solid electrolytes, performance ceramics, inter-metallics and composites. The materials produced are in the forms of thin films, coatings on powders and surfaces, nano-paticles, composites and compacts.
The projects stretches from fundamental research, searching for an understanding and control of the solution based processes, to applications connected closely to industrial problems. The materials are designed down to the nanometer or Ångström scale, often by the use of designed hetero-metallic alkoxide precursors. 

There are close collaborations with many research groups in Sweden and internationally, and also with industry.

Structured nanomaterials for applications in energy and information technology

Complex nanocomposite materials will be key components in tomorrows energy and communication/information systems. This VINNOVA–VINNMER project is a collaboration between researchers at Stockholm University and Kemi–Ångström. The aim is to increase the fundamental understanding of nanomaterials, and also to develop novel advanced nanostructured materials for sensor and solar energy applications, catalysis and batterie electrodes, spintronics and photonics.

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Spectrally selective solar heat absorbers

We have developed a efficient, low cost solution based process to composites consisting of metal nano-particles in a ceramic matrix. These have many possible applications, e.g. as hard light-weight ceramics, catalysis, magnetic sensors and spectrally selective solar heat absorbers. For solar heat absorbers, we have achieved word record good absorption, and the process has been scaled to roll-to-roll production. Present research is directed to increase the temperature stability for solar-to-electricity conversion and preparation of different appealing coatings in based on desires from architects.

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Contact: Annika Pohl, Gunnar Westin               

Metal oxide nanoparticles for Solar cells and Catalysis

New precursors and solution processes are developed and studied to get a better understanding of the factors that control particle sizes, surface faceting, crystallographic quality and doping of complex oxide semi-conductors.

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Contact: Gunnar Westin          

Last modified: 2021-02-10