Researchers in front of an XPS, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.


Here you find information about the research we conduct at the Department of Chemistry - Ångström.

Our research programmes

At our Department of Chemistry - Ångström, one of the research fields within chemistry is focused on the development of renewable energy sources and energy carriers. This area occupies a special position in Uppsala and includes solar cells, artificial photosynthesis, hydrogen production, fuel cells, biofuels from biomass and smarter batteries. World-leading research collaborative projects map the structure of metals and chemical compounds, including those with unique catalytic activity, electrical conductivity, and the ability to store energy, contributing to future sustainable energy systems.

The department is organised into six research programmes:

The specific research topics in the different research programmes have evolved over time as a result of department  and programme strategies, available resources and the interests of the principal investigators. The department encourages the establishment of new research topics when they fit the strategic goals of a research programme and necessary resources are available.

Core facilities

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance User Platform

  • Service for users within Uppsala University and through collaboration with people and organisations outside of Uppsala University

X-ray laboratory

  • Diffractometers for powder and thin film diffraction


  • The Laboratory Inventory Management System (LIMS), a database that part of the research infrastructure at Uppsala University with a list of major research instruments at the Ångström Laboratory
Core facilities
Last modified: 2021-04-26