Design of Gold Nanopartiles for Molecular Electronics


Our newly designed gold nanoparticles and their application in molecular electronics has been accepted in Mol. Sys. Des. Eng. Big thanks to our collabaroation partners from Engineering (Leifer group) and Montpellier (Serein-Spirau group).

"Stopper" molecules act as sterically demanding ligands of our newly designed gold nanoparticles (AuNPs), which are synthesized in a high yield one-pot reaction. We showed that these AuNPs can be emplyed in a nanogap / nanoelectrode setup to measure molecular conductivity of conjugated dithiols.

Check out our publication in Molecular Systems Desing & Engineering:
Designing sterically demanding thiolate coated gold nanoparticles for electrical characterization of biphenyl dithiol in a nanoparticle-molecule-nanoelectrode platform
Francois Calard, Ishtiaq Hassan Wani, Aqib Hayat, Thibaut Jarrosson, Jean-Pierre Lère-Porte, S. Hassan M. Jafri, Françoise Serein-Spirau,* Klaus Leifer,* and Andreas Orthaber*
link  (see also the tweet)

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