What's new in October


Publications, visitors, conferences and saying farewell ... 

The summer is ending and fall brings more news:

Visitor and seminar
We had a great visit on October 4th from Prof. Alexander Pöthig from TU Munich, Germany.
In his inspiring seminar he  was giving us some insights into "Functional organometallic cavitands in supramolecular and rotaxane chemistry". Thank you for visiting and looking forward to future collaborations.

Collaborations and Publications:
Our collaborations thrive and yielded some more publications. Thanks to Eszter and her co-workers for this fruitful collaboration there is another Inorganic Chemistry paper on "Eu(III) and Tb(III) Complexes of Octa- and Nonadentate Macrocyclic Ligands Carrying Azide, Alkyne, and Ester Reactive Groups"  by Daniel Kovacs, Salauat R. Kiraev, Dulcie Phipps, Andreas Orthaber, and K. Eszter Borbas*. 

Contributing to work by the Pilarski group in "Arynes and Their Precursors from Arylboronic Acids via Catalytic C–H Silylation" by Karthik Devaraj, Fredric J. L. Ingner, Carina Sollert, Paul J. Gates, Andreas Orthaber, and Lukasz T. Pilarski* (Journal of Organic Chemistry). 

Our contribution to the collaboration with the Leifer group and Ahuja group on nanoscaled electronics: "Sub 20 nm metal-conjugated molecule junctions acting as a nitrogen dioxide sensor"  by Ishtiaq H. Wani, S. Hassan M. Jafri,  John Warna, Aqib Hayat,aHu Li, Vivek A. Shukla, Andreas Orthaber, Anton Grigoriev, Rajeev Ahujab and Klaus Leifer * is published as an OPEN ACCESS article in Nanoscale. 

From the group:
Our supramolecular activities investigating silver clusters and coordination polymers resulted in another  OPEN ACCESS publication in Dalton Transactions "Facile synthesis of silver alkynide cluster and coordination polymers using picolinic acid as co-ligand" by Arvind Kumar Gupta and Andreas Orthaber. We've got already a nice TOC figure, but watch out for more graphical support in form of a back inside cover.

Our publication  Solvent and Counter-Ion Induced Coordination Environment
Changes Towards AgI Coordination Polymers
Arvind Kumar Gupta, Daniel Morales Salazar, and Andreas Orthaber* Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. is now included in an issue and was selected as a Cover Feature highlighting: Our friendly Viking guarding over  the silvery treasures.

Phosphorus in Polymers: Great work by Josh on writing a really nice contribution to the Encyclopedia of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry (Wiley & Sons). Organophopshorus Polymers by Joshua P. Green and Andreas Orthaber in which we highlight the importance of these hybrid materials for various applications including opto-electronics, catalysis, flame retardants, anion-exchange membranes, etc.

We have all been busy over the summer/autumn disseminating our work at conferences and symposia. Arvind presented "The self-assembly of [{Ag3(C≡CtBu)2}n]n+ building units into a template-free cuboctahedron and anion encapsulating silver cages" at the Swedish Inorganic Chemistry Days (link). Josh and Andreas ventured out towards Linz, where Josh presented  his work on "Arsoles as air-stable alternatives to phospholes" at the Austrian Chemsitry Days (link).

And lastly, it's time to say farewell to Josh, who is heading out for new adventures. Thanks for the good work and and humor that you brought to Uppsala and best of luck in the future.