EPR User platform

EPR user platform offers experimental and data analysis services for research investigation where electron spin properties in the system are probed. Both intern and extern users are welcome. Visit our homepage

General features: Bruker EPR spectrometers (ELEXSYS/EMX) operate at X-band (10 GHz) or Q-band (32 GHz) microwave region. Options of combining varies cavities (standard, optical or dual mode) with temperature and/or in situ light excitation provide data colletion for different purposes of investigation.  

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At the the department we have two 400 MHz JEOL solution NMR spectrometers available. The multinuclear 2-channels systems can operate in a temperature range from -90 to + 120 oC. We cover most neteronuclei incl. 109Ag, 7B, 29Si, 31P, 19F, 14N, etc.

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Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction of Small Molecules

We provide X-ray structure analys of crystalline materials, especially small molecule single crystall diffraction. Our Bruker D8 3-circle diffractometer is equipped with a MoKa microsource allowing us to analyse organic, organometallic and inorganic crystalline materials.

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Quantum Desige SQUID magnetometer. 7T Temperature 2-300K.

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Mebrane inlet mass spectrometer


The YAG-LASER (532 nm) is equipted with MOPO-option for wavelength selection in the UV-Vis region

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